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Rent without intermediaries – carefully and responsibly

Аренда посуточно без посредников – внимательно и ответственно

Modern life is so fast, dynamic and unpredictable, which can at any time be in a situation where you just have or will need to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for rent. And if you become the specialist in question aredealing housing, to rent an apartment inexpensively, for you will have absolutely no problems.


But actually successfully rent an apartment without intermediaries – this is a serious and reasonable step, which depends on your financial situation and the General confidence of the people.
Why is it sometimes on the street or in the newspaper can be found the notice about the rent: Rent rent from the owner? That ad people make it clear that the question of the rent of a nice apartment even for a short period they are considered so important that it is not ready to lose even a small amount of their funds when the fraudsters try to deceive them. What are the pitfalls to be aware of to safely rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for rent?


Rent without intermediaries - carefully and responsibly
The owner or mediator? To rent an apartment without intermediaries, so dealing directly with the person who is solely responsible for the condition of the apartment, as well as for the observance of agreements to the lease. Withdraw rent from the owner – words, common sense. Intermediaries may in fact prove to be people who absolutely will not delve into the essence of the question about successful rent, and just wondering, are you able to pay the required amount. To rent an apartment cheaply via intermediaries almost unreal.
The documents of ownership. Real estate, lease never hides from others the fact. Upon request of the tenant he will show all the documents proving the legitimacy of his ownership of this flat. That's what mean people who are set up: will take rent from the owner. The scammers in this situation will find a lot of excuses about the fact that the documents are not with them or soon they should ride. Scammers are trying to divert the conversation away from the topic of legal ownership of the apartment and focus on something else. Therefore, to rent an apartment without intermediaries is an ideal option.
The conclusion of the contract. If you want to rent an apartment in St. Petersburg for rent, this step is absolutely necessary. For the authentic owner at the conclusion of a formal lease no problem. It can easily enter your information and the terms of the lease. The landlord has nothing to fear. For fraudsters, the word agreement sounds like a death sentence, because based on it they can find, calculate, and prosecuted for committing fraud. Therefore, to rent an apartment for rent in SPb without registration of the contract is a real levity.


Such situations can be many:
A business meeting with a partner tete-a-tete;
Urgent business trip to another city.
These are just some of the possible situations where renting a decent apartment inexpensively.


Advantages of daily rent apartments as much as situations where it may be needed. First, to rent an apartment to rent inexpensive easy almost always possible in any city. Second, daily arendale imposes too severe a long-term commitment. Third, the thinking will take rent from the owner it protects from disappointments related to fraud and deceit.
Let the rent of the apartment will be for you a real pleasure!
Rent without intermediaries - carefully and responsibly

Business Class Apartment for Rent, Kirochnaya 22/1 in the city center. St.Petesburg
Sleeps: 2+1+1
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya 22/1
5 500 rub/day
3 900 rub/day
Welcome to the rent yielding apartment business-class hotel located two steps from Chernyshevskaya metro station! In the centre of St. Petersburg offers some of the best museums...
Total area: 65 м2
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Studio apartment for daily rent on Fontanka 11A
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Невский проспект
Fontanka, 11A
3 400 rub/day
2 200 rub/day
If you decided not to spend time in St. Petersburg, but also to truly feel his spirit, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of housing.
Total area: 55 м2
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Two-room apartment with fireplace for rent on Kirochnaya street 22/2
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya, 22/2
6 800 rub/day
4 999 rub/day
If you are looking for a really high class accommodation, then it's worth paying attention to these two-bedroom apartments on Kirochnaya Street, in the heart of Petersburg.
Total area: 54 м2
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Four-room apartment on Nevsky 106 with three separate bedrooms and large living room.
Sleeps: 2+2+2+2
м. Пл. Восстания
Nevsky 106
5 900 rub/day
4 100 rub/day
The apartment is located on the central street of the city - Nevsky Prospect, five minutes from the Moscow railway station. Shopping and entertainment centers "Stockmann" and "Gallery" are nearby.
Total area: 100 м2
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