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Rent – Petersburg, luxury apartments

Посуточная аренда – Петербург и его шикарные квартиры

Visiting the beautiful small capital of Russia Saint Petersburg, tourists and guests of this city are faced with the situation of finding suitable housing, preferably comfortable and cozy. Of course, the most relevant option for such a search is apartment for rent in St. Petersburg economy class" or housing in the form of luxury apartments type Suite.
To rent an apartment with chic decor, high ceilings, wonderfully complemented by decor staircases and magnificent decoration is very simple and inexpensive. This option will afford to many tourists, thanks to a certain competition among real estate companies and offer to rent apartment Petersburg is ready to offer discounts!
It all depends on the tastes and possibilities of people wishing to rent an apartment. In addition, the preferences of the guests of St. Petersburg more often given, namely apartments, not hotels. Due to the fact that the settlement is in the hotel complex is much more expensive than the same area for day rental of any apartment. What is the absolute benefit and help for the wallets of the majority of-town guests.


Apartment for rent in St. Petersburg can be rented:
without intermediaries;
at any convenient time for the customer;
With daily payment.
In the end, directly on arrival in the city, guests can cash or online to let to rent for rent subaquatica, Petersburg and his company of real estate at an affordable price and without mediation services to help them in this.


Apartment, rental for a day which in St. Petersburg is offered at an affordable price, not only have a modern decoration, which is made in impeccable style and exceptional design, but also complete equipment of interiors of the last peak of fashion and technology, which is also essential for recreation of the guests.
To rent an apartment with all conveniences, equipped with nice and modern furniture, built-in appliances can easily, in addition, this apartment will enchant any young couple.


Apartment for rent in Petersburg can be different in size and vary the number of available rooms. Offer apartments, is this:
One-bedroom apartments;
Two-bedroom apartments;
Two-bedroom apartment;
Four-room apartments;
You can also rent an apartment.
For example, for day rental one-room apartment on ul. Millionnaya, 23.
Apartments and rent Petersburg, and in particular, company real estate offer convenient and enhanced infrastructure.
Moreover, this apartment with a total area of 33 sq/m a nice panorama from the window is modernly furnished and lovely decor of interior decoration.


Apartment for rent in Petersburg, for example, offers these:
Living and its interior is decorated in a modern and free style. The walls of this bright and comfortable rooms decorated beautiful Wallpapers of impeccable taste with a picture ornament. A huge window running in the wall with original curtains and fancy curtains. Room isolated, thanks to which you can always count on wonderful rest and spending time with the man I loved.
The kitchen is the most advanced place in this apartment. It will give you the ability to easily cook and bake favorite dishes. Made in light tones, this room and suggested a stylish and trendy kitchen cabinets are perfectly combined with each other. The splendor of this corner of eating food that complements the window with a wide sill and a door leading to the balcony, on the eye, visually enlarges the premises.
Bathroom is decorated with tiles, which seamlessly borders with bright white walls. The various elements of the toilet, clean and Shine, perfectly embody and complement this room.
In addition, a rented apartment in St. Petersburg, supplemented by some services for the organization of quality rest, which will be offered absolutely free of charge to tourists and visitors of the city. This applies to luxurious lingerie sets, tableware for everyday and festive table setting and online communication thanks to which you will be able to speak to his family and friends, and tell them about the holding of your delightful stay.
Such housing and its infrastructure includes a variety of shops, trendy boutiques, and near which is the Palace embankment and Nevsky prospect.
So lovely and comfortable, great design of the proposed housing, rent-Petersburg and its hospitable hosts are ready to offer guests and visiting tourists.
Well to rent an apartment, is luxury apartment with daily rent, will of course cost more centrocampista apartment. But for a comfortable vacation or for any business meetings sometimes do not feel sorry for any money or funds. So to rent apartment Petersburg offers a wide range of housing with a variety of design, staffing and cost. The main thing is the opportunity to feel the warmth and comfort even when you are thousands of miles away from home.


One-bedroom apartment at Kirochnaya 20
Sleeps: 2
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya St. 20
4 900 rub/day
3 000 rub/day
If I had to describe this apartment in one word, what would you choose? Elegant, stylish, modern, spacious... Perhaps this list might be too long...
Total area: 35 м2
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Business Class Apartment for Rent, Kirochnaya 22/1 in the city center. St.Petesburg
Sleeps: 2+1+1
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya 22/1
5 500 rub/day
3 900 rub/day
Welcome to the rent yielding apartment business-class hotel located two steps from Chernyshevskaya metro station! In the centre of St. Petersburg offers some of the best museums...
Total area: 65 м2
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Two-room apartment with fireplace for rent on Kirochnaya street 22/2
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya, 22/2
6 800 rub/day
4 999 rub/day
If you are looking for a really high class accommodation, then it's worth paying attention to these two-bedroom apartments on Kirochnaya Street, in the heart of Petersburg.
Total area: 54 м2
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Three-bedroom apartment on Nevsky Avenue, 5 minutes from the Moscovskiy train station
Sleeps: 2+2+2
м. Маяковская
Nevsky 109
4 900 rub/day
3 800 rub/day
Choosing this apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, you will provide yourself with space, comfort and coziness!
Total area: 90 м2
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