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Housing for rent. Odnushka or studio?

Жилье посуточно. Однушка или студия?

The is it better to rent: one-bedroom apartment or Studio?

the Situation on the rental market in Saint-Petersburg is developing in such a way that the guests of the Northern capital rent by the day, most apartments in Saint Petersburg than another property. In the segment total market segment one-room apartment in Petersburg rent up to 40% of total demand.

This is due to the small value of “odnushek” compared to other species, which afford, even for visitors and guests with low incomes.

recently, However, it is becoming popular housing for rent Studio type.

The it's All about price and squaring

What are the Studio? This accommodation for rent with small area up to 30 sq. m., and the lack of walls between the kitchen and the bedroom.

less Than square meters, the cost of rent lower apartment in St. Petersburg.

In this regard, the studios are becoming popular among students or single people. These apartments for rent in Saint Petersburg are much cheaper due to its small footprint.

If the area is close to the square one-room (35-45 sq. m), then the price of the apartment is a Studio type will be equivalent to.

Spatial pros and cons of one-bedroom apartments and studios

due to the lack of walls, people in the Studio feels spacious, and designers to learn visually zonirovat room, making it even more.

in addition, the lack of walls make the room more functional Studio. You can, for example, to simultaneously cook dinner and watch TV, being in the same space. The downside of the studios is to spread odors throughout the apartment.

space Separation walls in a Studio apartment is an advantage. You can not be afraid that the smell of cooked food soaked clothes or bed linen.

including the process of cooking in the kitchen in the apartment will not disturb sleep another person. For the reason apartments in Petersburg rent the type of Studio it is recommended to remove the lonely people.

couples will fit a full apartment.

How to find an apartment from the owner without intermediaries

Housing for rent through a real estate company can be found faster, but it will be too expensive to the ordinary citizen in Russia. It is therefore recommended through ads on the Internet will Remove rent without intermediaries on the Internet. Search engines can give dozens of one-room apartments and studios that you will be able to approach layout design. If you are planning to go on a business trip, it is recommended to choose accommodation according to the announcement will be Removed in Kiev without intermediaries in the center at your place of employment. There is a significant negative. The fact that choosing accommodations on the Internet the announcement will be Removed in Kiev without intermediaries, you can run into scams. So removing the housing rent, it is recommended to recheck the information on the site ads via independent forums reviews on fraud.

alternatively, start independent business people who live in St. Petersburg, and after them to learn at the expense of renting apartment in St. Petersburg.

it is Possible to search apartments for rent in St. Petersburg the traditional way, in Newspapers or magazines published in the city. However, information on apartments for rent quickly outdated, besides it is difficult to check the information for fraud.

How not to fall for scams

During the call, the announcement will be removed in Kiev without intermediaries, follow these steps:

  • the find out the owner, who rents an apartment is the fact that you have all the documents proving his ownership rights on real estate;
  • the Specify the necessary information about other owners of the apartment rent in St. Petersburg;
  • the If the owner of the apartment in Petersburg rent suddenly decided to change the place and time of the meeting, then you should be alerted.

there are a number of significant reasons. First, if the viewing happens on a mass scale, it is likely to stumble upon other employers. Secondly, at this time in the apartment can be the real owner and the speculator has no ability to let the tenants of the apartment in St. Petersburg for rent. It is recommended that the owner make at least a formal lease agreement. Given all the details, you will not fall into the trap of turning the announcement will be removed in Kiev without intermediaries.

Four-room apartment on Nevsky 106 with three separate bedrooms and large living room.
Sleeps: 2+2+2+2
м. Пл. Восстания
Nevsky 106
5 900 rub/day
4 100 rub/day
The apartment is located on the central street of the city - Nevsky Prospect, five minutes from the Moscow railway station. Shopping and entertainment centers "Stockmann" and "Gallery" are nearby.
Total area: 100 м2
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Two-room apartment with fireplace for rent on Kirochnaya street 22/2
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya, 22/2
6 800 rub/day
4 999 rub/day
If you are looking for a really high class accommodation, then it's worth paying attention to these two-bedroom apartments on Kirochnaya Street, in the heart of Petersburg.
Total area: 54 м2
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Business Class Apartment for Rent, Kirochnaya 22/1 in the city center. St.Petesburg
Sleeps: 2+1+1
м. Чернышевская
Kirochnaya 22/1
5 500 rub/day
3 900 rub/day
Welcome to the rent yielding apartment business-class hotel located two steps from Chernyshevskaya metro station! In the centre of St. Petersburg offers some of the best museums...
Total area: 65 м2
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Three-bedroom apartment on Nevsky Avenue, 5 minutes from the Moscovskiy train station
Sleeps: 2+2+2
м. Маяковская
Nevsky 109
4 900 rub/day
3 800 rub/day
Choosing this apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, you will provide yourself with space, comfort and coziness!
Total area: 90 м2
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