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Two-room apartments

Two-bedroom apartment on Fontanka, 11B
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Nevsky Prospect
Fontanka, 11B
3 900 rub/day
2 300 rub/day
Saint Petersburg is famous for its rivers and canals and the Fontanka river occupies a prominent place among them (a well-known song about Siskin-Fawn proof).
Total area: 57 м2
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Interior apartment on Mokhovaya 14
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2+1
м. Chernyshevskaya
Mokhovaya 14
4 900 rub/day
3 800 rub/day
Особенная, необычные апартаменты на Моховой улице - пространство для умиротворения в самом центре нашего волшебного города.
Total area: 60 м2
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Two-bedroom apartment on Nevsky pr 81
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Pl. Vosstaniya
Невский пр. д.81
4 900 rub/day
3 900 rub/day
For those who appreciate spaciousness and cosiness, we offer these apartments in the very center of Petersburg on Nevsky Prospekt. The interior is made in calm light colors and is not overloaded with unnecessary details, parquet floors give solidity, and high windows add light.
Total area: 70 м2
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Two-room apartment in a modern house on Voskresenskaya emb. 4
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Chernyshevskaya
Voskresenskaya naberezhnaya 4
5 900 rub/day
4 500 rub/day
A spacious, bright, modern apartment for daily rent with a European layout in a new house with a secured territory. Before the station. Metro Chernyshevskaya - 900 m., 20 minutes walk to the Summer Garden.
Total area: 75 м2
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Two bedroom apartment for rent Kirochnaya 22/3
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2+1
м. Chernyshevskaya
Kirochnaya 22/3
6 900 rub/day
4 900 rub/day
A spacious, bright, modern apartment for a daily rent with a European territory. Before the station. Metro Chernyshevskaya - 900 m., 20 minutes walk to the Summer Garden
Total area: 50 м2
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Two-room apartment with fireplace for rent on Kirochnaya street 22/2
2 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2
м. Chernyshevskaya
Kirochnaya, 22/2
6 800 rub/day
4 999 rub/day
If you are looking for a really high class accommodation, then it's worth paying attention to these two-bedroom apartments on Kirochnaya Street, in the heart of Petersburg.
Total area: 54 м2
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Before tourists arrived in St. Petersburg on a business trip, above all the question of housing. But this applies not only to guests or foreigners, often comfortable accommodation in the center of the day off and local residents in the life of every man there is a lot of extraordinary situations. It rent from the owner in the city successfully solves such problems.
Wake up in the morning in the heart of the greatest city of Europe with a centuries-old structures and traditions and admire the sights from the window – it is considerable. For such purposes, and rented the apartment in the center. In humans, there is a sense of belonging to the history of St. Petersburg, the life and fate of his beautiful houses and avenues, the residents of Leningrad. The most often reason is used for rent.
Rental housing in the city center can be done independently and in need of housing person, but it is much more convenient to rent housing using the help of specialists of high qualification, dealing with rental housing professional. After all, is not easy from the mass of options where you can rent daily from the owner to choose exactly the apartment that best will meet the objectives of the arrival in Saint Petersburg.


Apartments for rent in the center, the company offers NASTKI.PRO. Being one of the leaders of services in the rent, the Agency performs an operational selection for the customer the best option to rent an apartment given the price – often the clients of the company, as a legal or private persons, have different spending limit on your stay.
Rent from the owner through NASTKI.PRO meets all modern requirements and is completely safe. Saves a lot of time, for example, rent from our company. Because immediately upon arrival he gets the address and the keys to the apartment in just a few minutes. The specialists provide their services on the Internet or directly in your office. Any of these options will be convenient to rent housing in the city.
In the company database always have a cozy apartment in the center with prestigious furnishings. To select the appropriate option, sometimes it is enough to view a pre-prepared pictures of the rented apartments in all its details.
Using our services on the Internet, without a fee and without intermediaries to rent housing in any of the Central areas of the SPB, even in the center near or on Nevsky prospect, or to Petrodvorets, on the Admiralty.
In the proposals of the company wishing to rent apartments in the center there are options for any plan starting from the version when there is a budget apartment and finishing with a four-room housing. It is noticed that in great demand by tenants are options for rent by owner in the heart of the city. NASTKI.PRO takes into account this tendency of their customers and, above all, in its proposals provides information about renting luxury apartments in the city center.
Of course, you can rent a room in the hotel, but many feel more familiar and freer when it is possible for rent with all the comforts of home in the area of the city, where they will take their working or sightseeing day.
It is based on those who are more inclined to rent citizens rent apartments for rent, and most often it is in the center of the day. In this case, will not face the necessity of registration, with unusual architecture of the hotel accommodation, it will feel like home there, where ever are invited to rent from the owner.
Apartments for rent in the center with the help of experts NASTKI.PRO is one of the most convenient and advantageous options. Apartment for rent in the city center is so affordable that customers normally withdraw them immediately for a few days. Staying all these days full owners of the property, they enjoy not by the life in our beautiful city.

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