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One-room apartments

One-bedroom apartment at Kirochnaya 20
1 room
Sleeps: 2
м. Chernyshevskaya
Kirochnaya St. 20
4 500 rub/day
3 600 rub/day
If I had to describe this apartment in one word, what would you choose? Elegant, stylish, modern, spacious... Perhaps this list might be too long...
Total area: 35 м2
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Business Class Apartment for Rent, Kirochnaya 22/1 in the city center. St.Petesburg
1 room
Sleeps: 2+1
м. Chernyshevskaya
Kirochnaya 22/1
5 000 rub/day
4 400 rub/day
Welcome to the rent yielding apartment business-class hotel located two steps from Chernyshevskaya metro station! In the centre of St. Petersburg offers some of the best museums...
Total area: 65 м2
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Unusual duplex apartment with attic near the concert hall
1 room
Sleeps: 2+1
м. Pl. Vosstaniya
5-ya Sovetskaya d. 6
5 000 rub/day
4 500 rub/day
In the heart of St. Petersburg is located this very unusual apartment. Not even flat, but a little world, once in which you're separated from fuss and surrounded by comfort.
Total area: 25 м2
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In whatever city you come to, wherever your journey takes you far not sent, the first thing you need to solve one simple but very important question: Where to stay?. Yes, it is possible in the same St. Petersburg to go to the nearest hotel, spend an incredible amount of money (which is not to everyone's liking in a difficult financial time) and wait for the light, the dawn of cleaner. And you can do wiser: daily rent apartments without intermediaries what you really need.
Look to us as soon as you get to Peter. Or better from home book accommodation: 1 apartment for rent from our company guarantees you comfort and a great pastime. In fact, no need to invent anything. Choice of 1 bedroom apartment it every taste and color. Want a luxurious apartment? Please. Prefer to save money and want one bedroom apartment was really cheaper? There is no problem. Apartments for rent are waiting for You at any time of the day. It may not even survive.
As in any other city, St. Petersburg apartments for rent without brokers is depending on what date you arrive and enter, for how long, and how many people will be among the guests. The cost affordable. 1 apartment is always available in any district of St. Petersburg.


One-bedroom apartment in Saint-Petersburg

1 bedroom apartment for rent, you choose, it is always in excellent condition. You available Studio apartment for rent online: just leave a request and move when it suits you. Apartments for rent, remember, this is not some whim, but a real way out.
Please note: the site has a sufficient amount of contact data that rent apartments without intermediaries real. Look in the Contacts section, and consider 1 the apartment is already at your disposal. You can obtain, if necessary, any advice on questions of cost, how to access additional services. Quite simply, when you need a 1 bedroom apartment.
As we have noted, one bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg is inexpensive. What is the advantage when you order these apartments for rent? You what they say, what they're doing.
You will not be disturbed. It is also important when you need to rent apartments without intermediaries in the kitchen. You can do something to prepare, not to pay the exorbitant prices in hostingcentre.
1 apartment really help out if you are in St. Petersburg. Here two opinions cannot be. 1 bedroom apartment this is the place where you will be comfortable both alone and with his family. Still in doubt? Studio apartment is always crystal clean. Linen is changed after every guest. Apartments are cleaned as soon as someone checked out.
One-bedroom apartment in Saint-Petersburg
You are most certainly able to prove, daily rent apartments without intermediaries is a great option if you are in St. Petersburg. 1 apartment will not hit pockets, 1 bedroom apartment is always in stock (and in the place where you want). One bedroom apartment will make You feel in a strange city a real person. Choose apartments for rent, and you will be OK. No deception on the part of the owners. Guaranteed!

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