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Three-room apartments

Three-bedroom apartment on Nevsky Avenue, 5 minutes from the Moscovskiy train station
3 rooms
Sleeps: 2+2+2
м. Mayakovskaya
Nevsky 109
6 000 rub/day
5 000 rub/day
Choosing this apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, you will provide yourself with space, comfort and coziness!
Total area: 90 м2
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Mostly Saint-Petersburg use the service two-bedroom apartment. Saint Petersburg the second capital of Russia, where are the tourists and business people from all over the country and from abroad. And not everyone is ready to rent in the centre of the room, and somewhere on the outskirts. Rent apartments in St. Petersburg in any case profitable. And the prices on our website are acceptable.
Don't like tourists and businessmen is available in most of the hotels of the Northern capital. You can, of course, take a Suite, but it will be expensive. Instead, go rent an apartment where there are all amenities.While luxury apartments that is affordable and comfortable.
Rent luxury apartments in the Northern capital might be a good solution in most cases. On our you can see all of the current housing options is not only luxury apartments, but housing with all facilities like home.
If we calculate how much it will cost residence about 5 people in the hotel, the desire to relax will be gone soon. However, do not deny yourself the pleasure to spend the holidays in a big company. Visit our portal and there is no one for you two bedroom apartment or for a long time. In addition, you will be able to rent in the center of the housing, but also greatly save your money and get great quality.
We suggest apartments in St. Petersburg for those guests who like the comfort of the apartment. On arrival at the apartment in Saint Petersburg offers clean linens, a shower room, a cozy kitchen with all amenities. Going about his business, you come in a luxury apartment where you can spend your holiday to watch TV.
Quite often rent apartments in St. Petersburg, and the residents of the Northern capital. When he comes to visit from other areas, for example, in the wedding, they can place in a luxury apartment located in the desired area. You can also rent in the city center apartment.


Of course, the apartment or any other has a number of advantages. To rent apartments in the center for a day it is profitable, especially if you have addressed in our Agency of real estate, proven in the market as a good service provider.

Of course, if a visitor can rent in the centre of the room, then there are no issues. However, not everyone can afford such a luxury. Elite apartment is a low cost and a huge selection, and convenience. If you take the comparison, for example, individual apartments in Saint-Petersburg in the hotel for five persons and the two bedroom apartment is the difference big. In addition, the cost of hotel rooms will be much higher rented apartments. For example, any apartments in St. Petersburg will be much more spacious than an ordinary hotel room.

Rent rightly so, because such housing is located in any region North of the capital, and the hotels, in many cases, are located in the Central part of the city where very noisy and crowded, and also the high price for the payment. It should be noted that many tourists do not like to rent a home in the bustling areas of the city.

In many cases, renting an apartment is forcing you to eat food offered by the restaurant. Basically the apartment is kitchen with all necessary equipment. Therefore, rent is beneficial if you want to make yourself a delicious meal. Daily rent in the center everyone can afford.

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